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hiscatastrophic forgetting reveals an inability to form, retain, and retrieve new declarative memories. Inessence, H.M. was frozen in time from the time of his surgery in 1953––he was unable to update hispersonal life narrative because of his inability to remember his daily experiences. H.M. himselfeloquently described this outcome:“Right now, I’m wondering. Have I done or said anything amiss? You see, at this moment everythinglooks clear to me, but what happened just before? That’s what worries me. It’s like waking from a15After the surgery... Epileptic seizures controlled But.... Temporally-graded retrograde amnesia Memory worst for personally experienced eventsfrom years just before the operation Severe anterograde amnesia Could not consolidate or retrieve new episodicmemories Severely impaired ability to learn new semanticfacts. For example, H.M. did not acquire new vocabularyintroduced since 1953 despite frequent exposure toradio and TV. Normal sensory and working memory (STM) For example, normal digit span ability 15

Dimensions - L: 28cm W: 14cm H: 1cm
Clean with a soft dry cloth, designed for indoor use.

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