Crystal Infused Water Bottles - Carnelian


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Crystal water bottles infused with assorted gemstones to help uplift your mood and encourage water intake. Drinking crystal infused water is a great way to take in the healing benefits of the stones while keeping well hydrated.

Measurements: 24cm tall x 7cm wide. 500ml.

  • A rubber screw base to ensure the bottle is leak-proof
  • This water bottle is made from glass and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, easy to change and swap crystals
  • 100% genuine crystals
  • Indirect crystal infusion (water does not touch the crystals)
  • Handcrafted, completely toxin and lead-free. 

DISCLAIMER:  Gemstones and crystals are unique like everything in nature and beautiful because of this. They are natural products and therefore may vary in size, shape and colour.


Carnelian- Creativity & Motivation

Vitality and Energy Boost: Carnelian is known for its energizing and revitalizing properties. It is believed to enhance physical energy, stamina, and motivation. Carnelian can provide a much-needed boost when feeling sluggish or lacking in vitality.

Courage and Confidence: Carnelian is associated with courage and self-confidence. It is believed to stimulate assertiveness, courage, and the ability to take action. Carnelian can assist in overcoming fears, self-doubt, and indecisiveness, empowering individuals to step outside their comfort zones.

Creativity and Inspiration: Carnelian is often used to stimulate creativity and artistic expression. It is believed to enhance imagination, innovation, and motivation in creative pursuits. Carnelian can assist in unlocking one's creative potential and bringing ideas into manifestation.

Emotional Healing and Stability: Carnelian is said to have a stabilizing and grounding energy that can help balance emotions and promote emotional healing. It is believed to soothe emotional trauma, alleviate anger, and bring about a sense of inner calm and stability.

Motivation and Goal Achievement: Carnelian is associated with motivation and goal-setting. It is believed to inspire ambition, determination, and perseverance in pursuing personal and professional goals. Carnelian can help maintain focus, overcome procrastination, and manifest success.

Sacral Chakra Activation: Carnelian is often connected to the sacral chakra, the energy center related to creativity, passion, and sexuality. It is believed to activate and balance this chakra, promoting a healthy flow of creative and sexual energies. Carnelian can enhance passion, sensuality, and a zest for life.


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